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Klaas Coatings is the market leader in Silicone Resin coating system for construction in Australia and Asia. Our products deliver the longest possible re-paint interval which saves costs over the long term.

Silicone Resin coatings provide a significant leap in performance over conventional acrylic based paints.

We are a major project specialist that work in the fields of Commercial Construction, Infrastructure and Heritage

We are not only about High Performance exterior systems, Decolife is a high performance interior/exterior ultra low VOC range with less than 1g/L VOC.

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Decolife Low VOC Range
The range guarantees less than 1<g/L of VOC's. This will include silicone resin based interior and exterior system. Importantly the colourants are also low VOC as well which is an industry first. These high performance products will enable specifiers to achieve points in the LEED and green star rating system.

Saigon East West Highway, HCMC, Vietnam
Saigon East West Highway project was completed recently. Si-Rex03 was orignally specified by Maunsell (now AECOM) and was built by Obayashi of Japan. All bridges totalling approximately 250,000Sqm had Si-Prime and Si-Rex03 applied in colour ASF 1373. This system has become a standard colour and features prominently in the emerging infrastucture landscape of Ho Chi Minh City where bridges such as Thu Thiem, Nu Van Cu, Rach Chiec, Phu Long and other are also coated with Klaas Si-Rex03 in colour ASF1373. The project was managed buy our Vietnam distributor INTAC.

Old Parliament House, Canberra
Klaas Coatings and Programmed Property Services have completed Stage 1 and 2 of the repainting program of the iconic Old Parliament House building in Canberra, Australia. With multiple layers of old paint and structural cracking the building fabric was laden with moisture. Si-Prime, Si-Rex03 and Underprep was chosen as the new coating system after extensive consultation with the client and architects. Apart from the matt finish and 15 year warranty it was the capacity to breathe that tipped in favour of using as silicone resin based coating system. Old Parliament house will join the White House and Kremlin to be painted in a Silicone Resin Paint systems.
One Rockwell, Manila, Philippines
Rockwell Land Corporation is the pre-eminent high end developer in the Philippines. One Rockwell is the the third project applied in Si-Prime & Si-Rex03 for Rockwell. This landmark project in Manila consists of 2 towers of 52 and 44 floors in precast concrete concept design was by Arquitectonica of Miami, USA and local design by PRSP and built by Datem. The application was undertaken by our distributor in the Philippines Weltanchaung.
Rach Chiec Bridge, HCMC, Vietnam
Rach Chiec Bridge Project, Vietnam project was completed recently. Si-Rex03 product was approved by DOT of Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) Urban Trafic Management No.2 with design engineering provide by Britec. There was a consortium of contractors including Thang Long, Cienco 1, TLC 181 and 171 JSC. Rach Chiec and as with many other bridges in HCMC other are protected by Klaas Si-Rex03 in colour ASF1373. The project was managed by our Vietnam distributor INTAC. The total area is 27,800Sqm of material. The bridge 736m and receives the highest traffic density in Vietnam.


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